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"We offer a wealth of deep, diverse, hands-on industry expertise."


RISC's clients have built large real estate loan and property management portfolios with inherent and lasting risk exposures that require skilled management and specialized attention.


Clients seek our advice regarding our profound knowledge of risk management for real estate. They will attest that RISC is a reliable partner with the largest infrastructure of advisory services designed solely for the purpose of identifying, tracking and mitigating risk factors.


The scope of RISC’s services set us apart from the field.


Our service offerings have been developed to deliver rapid, measurable and sustainable results whilst retaining the flexibility necessary for customization to each situation. We have established key service offerings that unite traditional and emerging solutions that will play a vital role in protecting your financial interest in the physical assets you lend on or manage, regardless of location and language:


Key service offerings include:


LENDER SERVICES: For mortgage Lenders, we act upon inception of mortgages in a transaction support capacity focusing on property exposures in order to secure the physical asset you lend on. Please click here to learn more.


RENEWAL SERVICES: For both Lenders and Property Managers, we implement a continuous and comprehensive due diligence system throughout the life of each loan and tenancy in order to prevent changes that may lead to a deficiency in protection. Please click here to learn more.


CONSULTING SERVICES: For COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL Lenders, as well as Property Managers, we manage, assess and audit property insurance claims and disputes on your behalf. Please click here to learn more.


RISC’s in-depth qualifications and experience with respect to handling traditional and sophisticated debt transactions ensure that the assets maintain adequate coverage against obvious and not so obvious risk exposures.


By exploiting our broad skill sets and deep industry insight with a consistent ability to ensure that all assignments are being executed and delivered to the highest standards, efficiently and economically, RISC is building itself into one of Canada's leading and most reliable real estate risk management practices.

Contact us and see how our overall business process and service offerings are better suited to satisfy your individual needs.








"We have been delighted with their professionalism and attentiveness. RISC Inc. continually strive to make the process fast, 'painless', and cost-effective for our clientele and I would not hesitate to recommend them to others."



Senior Manager,

A Canadian Chartered Bank