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Renewal Services

"A new, flexible and innovative approach."


Renewal Services is a valuable outsourcing solution established by RISC, intended for Commercial Mortgage Lenders and Property Management Firms. A superior approach for risk-conscious organizations designed solely for the purpose of identifying, tracking and mitigating innate and long-term risks associated with having a direct and indirect financial interest in properties.


RISC introduced Renewal Services to successfully fill a critical void in servicing for clients. Beginning with a smooth transition, our team persistently verifies that borrowers and tenants adhere to standard contractual obligations upon annual policy renewal - providing the ability to handle and mitigate risk exposures that increase throughout time. 


A fully outfitted and secure Renewal Services system helps clients achieve investment security in the most cost effective manner. In fact, in the new and current economy, insurance is becoming the single largest variable cost for borrowers, and any renewal amendments can greatly affect your security. For this reason, more and more organizations are turning to Renewal Services to better protect their core businesses.


Key to Renewal Services: RISC’s industry reach and ability to tailor a risk management solution suited to each Client’s specific needs. In addition to annual monitoring, we have the capability to handle and resolve any discrepancies.


A trusted consulting provider is essential to managing and handling specialized risks.


Contact us for more information, program pricing and for a solution tailored to your business needs. Full marketing packages and client testimonials are available upon request.

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