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Privacy Information Statement:


Your Privacy is Important!


Your privacy is important. At RISC Inc., we are committed to protecting your privacy in order to ensure that the confidentiality, security and accuracy of your business dealings with us are maintained at all times. We recognize how important personal privacy is to your organization and to all of your clients.


To provide the highest possible level of protection, we maintain standards designed to protect your privacy and prevent any misuse of personal and confidential information. 


Global E-mail Disclaimer


E-mail communications and any attachment produced by RISC officials and, from time to time, its representatives, may be confidential, privileged or otherwise exempt from disclosure under applicable law. No confidentiality or privilege is waived or lost by any transmission errors. 


E-mail communications from RISC are intended solely for the intended recipient, and if you are not the intended recipient, please notify the sender immediately, delete the e-mail from your system and do not copy, distribute, disclose or otherwise act upon any part of any e-mail communication or its attachments.