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"Providing lenders with what they need most"


Real estate insurance claims present difficult challenges to lenders because of their complexity, scope and severity. RISC is an industry leader in the management, assessment and auditing of insurance claims on behalf of lenders for individual situations covering all property types - RESIDENTIAL or COMMERCIAL.


RISC Consulting Services helps financial institutions in the mortgage industry define and plan effective strategies when property perils occur. We help to prevent damage and loss to lender investments by:

  • Evaluating the scope of insurance claims
  • Assessing short and long-term costs
  • Answering questions whether to rebuild, restore or discharge the loan
  • Managing and keep track of the insurance claim payment process to free your time
  • Providing expert dispute advisory services
  • Recover outstanding mortgage funds even when a claim is denied

Whether it is a property insurance claim involving a residential or commercial mortgage loan, we minimize, to the lowest possible level, any risks to a lender's loan portfolio by resolving losses when claims arise.


We have a long-standing reputation for handling all types of losses in the real estate sector that demand the highest level of skill and experience.


Since 2008, RISC has been consulting for financial institutions by providing industry-leading property insurance claim management and loss mitigation solutions to protect their customer portfolios.


A trusted consulting provider is essential in managing and handling specialized risks. The RISC team has managed the losses on a long list of properties across Canada. Our experts offer valuable protection and peace of mind to financial institutions large and small.


Contact us for more information to find out how our Consulting Services are suitable for your business needs.