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RISC is an acronym; short for Real-estate Insurance Services Consulting.

We are a full-service real estate consulting and outsourcing firm specializing in commercial and residential real estate finance risk management. Our business focuses on mitigating the obscure and neglected financial risk exposures for Canadian mortgage lenders and property management firms.

RISC was founded in 2008 on the principle that consultants should deliver a more measurable management of risks for clients, rather than a series of recommendations peppered with the latest catch phrases. We provide you with knowledgeable advice on situations to make decisions easier for you. Since then we have worked alongside many of the top financial institutions and real estate corporations in Canada.

ABOUT US: We are the trusted advisor to our clients and go to extraordinary lengths to earn this trust. Our only measure of success is the level of satisfaction of our clients. Through this, our passion to succeed enables us to provide a new standard in consulting which has motivated our team to deliver.

WHAT WE DO: Working with our clients, we operate with a level of flexibility to offer a personalized approach in everything we do. We successfully implement systems and processes through an unmatched collection of services that mitigate operational risks on a situational and continuous basis.

We encourage you to learn more about RISC and our operations by browsing through our website and subscribing to our newsletter which presents industry related news, reports and advice.

"RISC Inc., was selected over the competition because of the knowledge and skill they bring to every situation. Furthermore, they help train our staff on more complex matters and as such it is very appreciated."

Funding Manager,
Canada's largest pension fund