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About Us

"We're reinventing real estate finance risk management consulting."

As financial risk continues to shift at a striking pace, organizations need to continuously evaluate their risk management processes to ensure that they are focused on the risks that matter. Organizations need a team that understands and manages the risks that threaten their strategic objectives and a process that facilitates growth and efficiency.

By engaging the team at RISC, you will notice sharp differences on our very first assignment. We are successful at what we do because we focus on what we know best. Our business model, our people, and our practice distinguish us from traditional consulting firms.

At first glance, all top-level consultants may appear to be similar. Their resumes, experience and capability all look the same, but they can be very different to work with. They also have very diverse track records.

We are the trusted advisor to our clients and go to extraordinary lengths to earn their trust. Our only measure of success is the level of satisfaction of our clients. Through this, our passion to succeed enables us to provide a new standard in consulting which has motivated our team to deliver.

We put our money where our mouth is. Our primary services are all supported by the following key competencies:

  • Unrivaled knowledge in real estate and risk management
  • The quickest turnaround times on servicing
  • Provide access to the most customized set of services
  • Offer the most competitive and cost-effective rates

RISC maintains an effective infrastructure designed solely for the purpose of identifying, tracking and mitigating risk factors for Commercial Mortgage Lenders and Property Management Firms.